‘The first race of BJRC’s 2020 Short Course Sprint series attracted six starters to the Southey line at 11:40 on Sunday.
With a variable and unreliable north westerly, Race Officers Peter Ward and Sue Carroll selected Course 201 to take the fleet in a short beat to North Doubles then off the wind to Marconi via Mayland channel mark. A decent beat back up the river in fresher conditions around HW saw the fleet successfully complete Lap 1 with Easy Rider holding off Silver Fox, and Poohsticks ahead of Good Hope.
Rocket and Wild Gull, the two non-spinnaker participants, had dropped well back downwind but were closing back on Good Hope on the beat up through the line to Southey and Lap 2, and Wild Gull passed Rocket and Good Hope. Silver Fox eventually got past Easi Rider, but it became clear that the inconsistent wind strength would necessitate a shortened course to keep within the 2 hour time limit, and Peter finished the race at Osea Pier on Lap 2.

Silver Fox & Easi Rider – Beating against the ebb to finish.

Silver Fox crossed the line 2 minutes ahead of Easi Rider but on corrected time their positions were reversed so congratulations to Easi Rider, winner of the inaugural BJRC Sprint Series race.

Note from Editor: The full race result can be seen on the home page of the website, select ‘The Sprint Series’ from the dropdown. We also have the 1 x lap times and will be generating corrected times for that as interest.

Many thanks to Peter for being RO and sorting out the courses and providing chartlets.
With some fine tuning (and a more helpful wind) this could develop into a very enjoyable series and a great introduction to BJRC racing for new competitors.’
Kevin Whittle