Race 8 – BSC Krohn Cup

A Forecast actually anticipating a sea breeze – but when exactly? Quite nice and sunny, but no wind at all at the start, with most boats kedged near the line and the others hovering a long way back after cutting their engines at 5 minutes. Race Officer Paul Su set a longish course, J 8 X, with the option of shortening according to developments. ‘Moon Shadow’, Sue Sheppard and John Gibson, was observed with a man up the mast retrieving a lost halyard, and ‘Soprano’ reported that her keel could not be raised. They eventually sorted this and started 65 minutes late.

A drifting start, with a faint air from astern, so spinnakers up, but not drawing. However, before even reaching Marconi port hand channel buoy the ‘wind’ drew ahead, so down they came, and off on a difficult beat, with a struggle to maintain steerage way. The lighter boats drew ahead, and after Thirslet Tommy Mills in ‘Geronimo’ spotted the Dengie wind turbines starting to turn, so headed deep into St Lawrence bay to catch the incoming sea breeze, followed by several others – a decisive move. There was patchy wind until Bradwell – reached by ‘Sophie’ in two hours, and by no means the last boat. Better progress to WM1, WM2, a long and a short to the Bench Head, and a run up the Colne in a reasonable F3,with low water near, and consultations with the Race Officer leading to the omission of the leg out to the Wallet Spitway. Back to Colne Bar, important decisions to be made on the route, with more flood than you might think already for the later boats, then a long and a short to the North Eagle – reached by ‘Sophie’ in five hours forty six minutes! Nice to head for home, and we had the feeling that besides ‘Geronimo’, ‘August Sky’ and ‘Dan Dare’ were in with a chance.

No passing marks before WM3, a long spinnaker run and time for some refreshment, then  a tight fetch to WM12, misjudged by some in the strengthening flood, and spinnaker to the line, with some odd gusts and shifts from the power station, and some stronger wind – the Committee boat crew observed ‘Geronimo’ actually broaching!

Keen observation paid handsomely, and ‘Geronimo’, crewed only by Tommy and Gerry Gibbs, who performed the work of three impeccably, scored a decisive win, followed by another excellent performance from ‘August Sky’, fully crewed by regulars Maurice, Graham Reynolds, and John Taylor, plus new recruit, strong man Chris. Third was Kev Knox in ‘Barcarol’, having lost little time getting used to the new boat. A good day out for Maldon Little Ship Club.

In IRC it was ‘Blue ‘Moon’s turn to beat ‘Triton’, with ‘Crazy Suzy third.


First – ‘Geronimo’ -Tommy Mills – MLSC

Second – ‘August Sky’ – Maurice Mutimer – Blackwater SC

Third – ‘Barcarol’ – Kev Knox – MLSC


First – ‘Blue Moon’ – Richard Robarts – Marconi SC

Second – ‘Triton’ – Peter Copsey – Blackwater SC

Third – ‘Crazy Suzy’ – John Littlewood – Marconi SC

The full BJRC result here

The full IRC result here

The series

The BJRC scores for five races now have ‘Sophie’ on 15 points, ‘August Sky’ down to 18,  both with a 7 as next discard, then ‘Moondance’ on 19 points, with a 10 to drop. ‘Soprano’  and ‘Dan Dare’ are on  27 each with an 11 to discard, ‘Geronimo’ has 28 with 9 to drop, ‘Easi Rider’ 30 with 7 to discard. So, the last race could still see some considerable rearrangement among the first six places – it may all depend on the weather – and the equinox is approaching!

In IRC ‘Absolution’, ‘Triton’, and ‘Blue Moon’, are all tied on 8 points. ‘Absolution’ is unfortunately out for the remainder of this season, due to losing her mast, ‘Triton has a 3 to discard, ‘Blue Moon’ a 2.

The full BJRC series scores here

The full IRC series scores here

BJRC Race 9

HBSC Weather Mark Trophy

and Interclub Team Race

Sunday 25 September

1000 start at Stone SC

The last race of the 2016 season – with the excellent turnout for the Krohn Cup let’s hope for the same again, and an exciting race and result. You don’t want to miss it!