2017 Series Roundup

Another season comes to an end, but leaving plenty of good memories. Participation was roughly the same as 2016, but with fewer DNFs – starts down 2 – 159 from 161, but finishes up to 155 from 147! 19 boats again qualified for the BJRC series, and six finished all nine races – ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Caroline’, ‘Dan Dare’, ‘Ned Kelly’, ‘Rocket’, and ‘Sophie’, with ‘McGregor III’ starting nine but finishing eight. Great commitment!

New or returning boats this year included Neil Fulcher’s Hanse 455 ‘Celebration’ – somewhat larger than our usual range, and very effective in the Smith Cup, and two Robber 3Es – Ian Caruth’s ‘Sundance’, and Charlie Ball’s ‘Raffles’, as well as Graham Reynolds’ ‘Rascal’. Eric Reynolds ‘Absolution’ is still under repair, so he brought out ‘Evolution’, the 22 footer, for 7 races, and went so well that several crews thought she was ‘Absolution’!  Good to see ‘Monkey Business’ a regular, with 8 races, along with ‘Aloha’, ‘Moon Shadow’, and ‘Soprano’.
There were 8 race winners, ‘Crazy Suzy’ bagging the last two races, but quite a few boats had a mixture of very good and quite poor results, leading to disappointment in the series. The winner, Martin Scarth’s ‘Easi Rider’, was very consistent, but was chased  hard by ‘Aloha’ and ‘Moon Shadow’ for the top 3 places.
The weather was generally light to moderate, with a few very frustrating calm patches, and only one big blow and two moderate ones – neither of which kicked up very big seas, so the lighter boats generally had the edge. The level of competition is very high now, spinnakers out of the bag the moment the mark is rounded, but views about the best way to go remain diverse, and a few boats headed for the wrong mark on occasion …..
8 boats competed in the IRC series, won by ‘Blue Moon’ to compensate for her fourth in the BJRC series, from ‘Monkey Business’ and ‘Evolution’.
Congratulations to all the winners, and we are already planning hard for next year.

The full Roll of Honour, with the exception of Committee awards of the BJRC Challenge Trophy and the Rabbit Trophy here: