Race 2 – Smith Cup

Quite a change from the first race! A Forecast of NE F5, so bound to be a heavy beat against big waves – time for the tough guys to shine.
18 boats arrived for the start, most with full main and genoa, but the wind was getting up, and there was considerable activity pulling in reefs and changing headsails. We were rather fearing a long thrash out to Wallet No. 3, but Race Officer Trevor Holder chose  C 12 P, twice to the North Eagle, instead, which worked very well. Most boats got away cleanly, but  ‘Blue Moon’ tore her no. 3 just before the start, and sailed with a no. 2 and two reefs in the main,  while ‘Dan Dare’ also had sail problems, which took some time to sort it out. Before Bradwell ‘Evolution’ decided conditions were too rough for a 22 footer and retired. Meanwhile, Neil Fulcher’s Hanse 455 ‘Celebration’, Stone SC, new to BJRC and probably the biggest boat ever to enter, powered off into the distance.
Conditions were very lumpy, we made a few of the usual zigzags round the West Mersea race marks, always looking for the flattest water while making the best of the tide, then Colne Bar and the beat to North Eagle. In ‘Sophie’ we were only halfway there when ‘Celebration’ arrived astern on her second time round – still, it made for some good pictures! Andy Ellis’ Dehler 29 ‘Caroline’, always a star in heavy weather, was next in line, Dave Onyons’ Impala ‘Monkey Business’ was into her stride, and the two new Robber 3Es, Charlie Ball’s ‘Raffles’, and Ian Caruth’s ‘Sundance’, were also looking good.
Back to the NW Knoll – no spinnakers! Then up and down the Colne, with a few spinnakers, and out to the North Eagle again. Really big waves now, then at last the run home. Towards Bradwell the wind moderated and went east, allowing spinnakers, but then dropped more and went North, as forecast.
No surprise in the results – a great win for ‘Celebration’, the right boat for the day, by 30 minutes on corrected time from ‘Caroline’, with Martin Scarth’s First 25.7 ‘Easi Rider’ in third, 3 minutes behind. Many of the later results were very close.
Only 3 boats featured in IRC, the winner being ‘Monkey Business’ from ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Ned Kelly’, after ‘Evolution’ and ‘McGregor III’ retired.

First – ‘Celebration’ – Neil Fulcher – Stone SC
Second – ‘Caroline’ – Andy Ellis – Marconi SC
Third – ‘Easi Rider’ – Martin Scarth – Blackwater SC

First – ‘Monkey Business’ – Dave Onyons – Marconi SC
Second – ‘Blue Moon’ – Richard Robarts – Marconi SC
Third – ‘Ned Kelly’, Lydia Coffey – Marconi SC

The full BJRC result here:

The full IRC result here:

The Series

Only two races so far, but here are the standings:

BJRC Series handicaps and scores

IRC Series handicaps and scores