What you want is the results, so here they are:

Weather Mark Trophy – BJRC

First – ‘Crazy Suzy’ – John Littlewood – Marconi SC
Second – ‘Moonshadow’ – Sue Sheppard and
John Gibson – Blackwater SC
Third – ‘Aloha’ – Nigel Sheppard – Blackwater SC

The full BJRC result here:

IRC result

First – ‘Evolution’ – Eric Reynolds – Maylandsea Bay YC
Second – ‘Triton’ – Peter Copsey – Blackwater SC
Third – ‘Monkey Business’ – Dave Onyons – Marconi SC

The full IRC result here:

BJRC Series 2017

1 – ‘Easi Rider’ – Martin Scarth – Blackwater SC – 13 pts

2 – ‘Aloha’ – Nigel Sheppard – Blackwater SC – 16 pts

3 – ‘Moonshadow’ – Sue Sheppard and John Gibson –
Blackwater SC – 17 pts

4 – ‘Blue Moon’ – Richard Robarts – Marconi SC – 25 pts

5 – ‘Sophie’ – Guy Hawkins – Blackwater SC – 28 pts

6 – ‘Rocket’ – Steve Sharpe – Blackwater SC – 31 pts

The full BJRC Series result here:

IRC Series 2017

1 – ‘Blue Moon’ – Richard Robarts – Marconi SC – 7 pts

2 – ‘Monkey Business’ – Dave Onyons –
Marconi SC – 9 pts

3 – Evolution’ – Eric Reynolds –
Maylandsea Bay YC – 10 pts

The full IRC Series result here:

Interclub Team Race result

Blackwater SC – 9 points – ‘Moonshadow’, ‘Aloha’, ‘Easi Rider’

Marconi SC – 19 points – ‘Crazy Suzy’, ‘Ned Kelly’, ‘McGregor III’

Race Report

A proper racing wind forecast – SW F 3 – 4, all day, with even some sun! In the event there was not that much wind at the Stone start, from slightly east of south. Race officer Wendy Robinson set a short course (by popular request) – D 14 V, but with a few zigzags, and 18 boats got away cleanly with the wind on the beam.
First mark West Mersea no. 12, then a straight line inside the Bradwell baffle to WM1, with the fleet well bunched. ‘Crazy Suzy’ was first round. Then across to WM2, a slightly cracked fetch; but even so one or two misjudged it and had to tack to get round – that’s what these cross tide legs are about!
The wind got up a bit, and spinnaker poles were on the forestay going down to the NW Knoll, then easing a bit for the North Eagle. Returning to the Colne Bar, in the promised F4 and hard on the wind, ‘Crazy Suzy’ led ‘Moonshadow’ and ‘Aloha’ on the north side, with ‘Caroline’ and ‘Easi Rider to the south, then ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Triton’ to the north.
The Bench Head next, back to NW Knoll, and another trip to the N Eagle. On the return, the order was ‘Crazy Suzy’, with ‘Moonshadow’ not far behind, then a gap, ‘Caroline’ close ahead of ‘Aloha’ and ‘Easi Rider’, and a bigger gap before ‘Blue Moon’, ‘McGregor III’, ‘Monkey Business’, ‘Dan Dare’ ‘Triton’, ‘Rocket’, ‘Ned Kelly’, ‘Rascal’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Sophie’ and ‘Soprano’, with ‘Poohstick’ and ‘Carolanti’ well back.
After the Colne Bar and WM6 the real beat home began, with a few very flat patches eventually giving way to the SW F4. Naturally there were a few changes of place, but the fast boats saved their time in a short race, with a second consecutive win for ‘Crazy Suzy’, and good performances from ‘Evolution’ and ‘Rocket’. ‘Aloha’ was unable to get more than one place ahead of ‘Easi Rider’, who thus takes the BJRC Championship. In IRC ‘Evolution scored an excellent win, by 5 minutes from ‘Triton’.