2019 Weathermark Trophy

Weathermark Race Report

A stunning sunrise as 13 boats made their way down river for an 8.30am start at the Stone Line for the Weathermark Trophy. Sundance was back in action, although only 2 up and an eventful race ahead of them

With a predicted southerly force 3 gusting 5, there was at last an opportunity to make it out to the Wallet Spitway for the first time this year, and race officer Wendy set an ” a la carte course” to add some interest.

Despite the forecast, the start was 6 knots on the nose with a beat down to No12.
Experienced skippers quickly realised that tacking to the south shore brought significant gains with Crazy Suzy, Sundance, Aloha, Easi Rider and Playboys first to the mark.

A quick spinnaker lift to No3 and the long haul out to the Wallet via No10 and The Knoll.

With the wind filling in to around 15kts, Caroline and Blue Moon started to pull through the field past Rocket and Dan Dare on the way to chasing down Playboys and Easi Rider.

Light and shifting winds at the Wallet saw the leading group of Crazy Suzy, Aloha, Easi Rider, Caroline and Playboys lifting spinnakers for the run the North Eagle. At the rear of the field Poohsticks, Carolanti, Silver Fox and Sundance had closed up and just made it around the Wallet before the tide gate close and they started to benefit from the flood.

The Sundance team was now reduced to only one and a half as Laura’s enthusiasm had resulted in a fractured wrist, and they still had several spinnaker gybes to come — that’s dedication for you!

No significant position changes in the run down to the North Eagle but perfect sunshine and a chance to grab a sandwich! Spinnaker gybes were frequent from North Eagle to No6 via No 10

At No 6 was the sad sight of Blue Moon struggling against the tide having missed the mark — watching Rocket, Silver Fox and Evolution sail past — we have all been there at some point!

With the wind starting to shift south on the way to 17, Caroline made gains by holding her spinnaker and both her and Easi Rider managed to squeeze past Aloha

A very tight spinnaker reach to No3 for some of the early boats, but later competitors were faced with a more southerly wind

Rocket was 100yds from the finish line when the storm hit – registering some 30+kts. With little chance to reduce sail area, the last 5 boats found themselves taking on water at some point!

A day full of technical challenges — tides, spinnaker gybes, wind shifts, wind strengths (5 -30kts), and yet only 12 minutes separating the first 7 boats on corrected time

Congratulations to Easi Rider and Evolution

First 3 boats in BJRC fleet were:
Martin Scarth    Easi Rider
Tommy Mills     Playboys
Alan Hoy            Dan Dare

In the IRC Class
Kevin Whittle      Evolution
Richard Robarts Blue Moon
Laura Ivermee    Sundance

Series Ranking After 5 races
Playboys 11 points
Aloha 18 points
Blue Moon 19 points

Evolution 5 points
Blue Moon 8 points
McGregor III 16 points